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We are passionate about sugar gliders and work endless glider slave hours to provide the best for sugar gliders all over South Africa.  Each day present us with something new to learn about sugar gliders, it's a continuous journey and has been amazing for the past 8 years.  No one will ever know everything.  is the only sugar glider educational facility in South Africa. We have been actively involved since 2006. 

We work closely with the leading exotic animal experts in SA continuously studying sugar gliders in depth. This includes involvement in sugar glider necropsy studies with organizations and vets in South Africa as well as international. 

We have 6 sugar gliders of our own.

We have extensive sugar glider knowledge having served as moderators on the largest sugar glider board in the USA where we assisted with sugar glider related medical emergencies, behavioural issues, nutritional inquiries, general information as well as educating sugar glider owners on proper sugar glider care.

We have a 24 hour free telephonic helpline for glider owners (no BBM, IM, Skype, WhatsApp, SMS).

For the love of Sugar gliders. 

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