Bigger is better when it comes to a glider's cage.

Glider CageCage: A sugar glider's cage should be as big as you can manage. Height is a very important thing with glider cages, as your glider feels safer the higher up it is. The wire bars of the cage should be no more than 1cm apart.

Galvanized wire poses a severe health hazard. Make sure that all chemicals and paints are animal safe.

Reptariums make wonderful cages for most gliders. They are large, light, and easy to clean. Reptariums are not for chewer gliders.

Cage door should be properly locked to prevent escape. Do not use a cage with rust spots.

Sleeping location: Hammocks and pouches make a great sleeping place. Add some fleece blankets for them to build their nest. Pouches should be lined with hidden seams and no loose threads. Place the sleeping pouch high in the cage. This will make the glider feel safer. Watch out for any loose strings. Wooden nesting boxes absorb urine and feces and is difficult to clean.

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Hazardous toys

  • The following items are regarded as unsafe to sugar gliders:
  • Jingle bells - rather use liberty bells or cow bells
  • Cardboard toilet rolls or paper towel rolls
  • Catnip toys (toxic for gliders) - most toys for cats contain catnip that is highly toxic to gliders.
  • String or frayed rope including nylon, sisal, cotton
  • Fake fur or terry cloth material
  • Soft plastic or wind spinners small beads (swallowing hazard)
  • Hamster wheels
  • A tail or limb can easily get caught tennis balls or toy with string and tennis ball attached
  • T-shirts or socks beanie filled fur toys
  • Metal chains - rather use large plastic chains
  • Hamster running balls
  • Any type of glue
  • Soft plastic - to be used under close supervision only
  • "Edible" huts - made for small rodents, check the ingredients.
  • WARNING: Blue PVC Coated Wire - made by Rivendale obtained through Klubertanz: coating is highly toxic to sugar gliders!
  • No-sew toys are great as long as you check the knots on a regular basis.

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