To whom this may concern.


My name is Lecsi Jacobson.  


I first met Casper and Liezl years ago when I was still a veterinary student working at and haunting the exotic animal hospital at Onderstepoort, the Veterinary Academic Hospital. In the beginning, I did not interact with them directly, but observed bits of many of the vet consults they came for, almost always along with another person or couple, and a glider or 2. I never quite understood why this couple was always present when a sugar glider came in, or why they would seem to care as much about the glider as the person who seemed to be the actual owner, or where all these gliders came from and why there were forever health checks and transfers of ownerships and so on. I never knew, only getting to see and hear half the information, about, and I certainly did not understand what it meant.


Slowly, as I got further with my studies and eventually qualified and worked with them as an exotic vet, little bits were added to the puzzle that was Casper, Liezl and Only once I started working with them as a vet, and later as a friend, did I really start to see the big picture. This was not just a bunch of tree-huggers who want to save every creature at any cost, no matter what the animal goes through, just so they could say they saved it. These were not people who make any decision regarding gliders lightly. They were not people who would sit back and watch a glider suffer negligence, cruelty, pain or loneliness. These were not people who breed, encourage exotic pet ownership or sell a product that will not be the absolute best thing for the glider in question.


It is hard dealing daily with selfishness, neglect and cruelty, whether intentional or accidental, with animals being the victims, not to become a touch cynical and become suspicious of people and societies; to wonder what goes on behind the scenes and to try and see through clouds of dishonesty we are so often presented with, both at work and day-to-day living. It took me a long time to allow myself to believe that Casper, Liezl and are actually exactly what they say they are. No, they are not “too good to be true”. And when I once thought, “but NOBODY goes through THAT much effort for an animal they don’t even know!”, I now know that I was wrong. They truly have proven time and time again that they have always done all that they can for gliders even if it meant driving hundreds of kilometres to fetch an animal in need in the middle of the night, they will always do what is in the best interests of the glider despite their heartache, they do not gain anything material from doing what they do, in fact they have often subsidised rescues they were helping long after the dedicated glider rescue fund was depleted when it still existed.

Casper and Liezl are the superheroes of the glider world, acknowledged or not.  


Currently the main function of the organization is education. Education of current, new and potential owners of gliders regarding everything from diet and husbandry to behaviour.  They keep abreast of the developments in the glider field all over the world, import top quality glider food and supply a range of glider safe accessories. They also arrange gatherings where owners can meet and share their love for their gliders. They are the focus of a community in the exotic pet world, and do everything to help ensure gliders in the country get cared for as well as possible.


These few paragraphs seem very meagre, and cannot possible convey the reality of But at least they can give whoever reads this the smallest inkling of what and its founders are about.


Dr Lecsi Jacobson




August 17, 2011   

Dear Sir/Ma'am

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Peggy Brewer. I live in The United States in the Grand State of Florida. I am an Owner and Breeder of Sugar Gliders, along with being a published Author of a care book on Sugar Gliders titled 'Sugar Gliders, Living With and Caring For, Is This The Right Pet for You?', and also the Creator of one of the leading diets for these marvelous animals. The diet being called HPW Plus and HPW Complete.

I am writing on behalf of Casper and Liezl who currently operate a Sugar Glider Rescue there in South Africa.

I know from personal contact with them, they go above and beyond to help Sugar Gliders and owners there in South Africa. I know they have traveled great distances to be of help to one of these little animals and have spent much time and money making sure they receive the proper treatment from Veterinarians when needed.

They have food shipped into them to make sure that the Sugar Gliders are getting the most natural diet they can, and they also provide help to thousands of others here in the United States by assisting in Moderating on one of the largest Sugar Glider Forums on the internet.

Their help in many areas in both South Africa and here in the United States has saved the lives for many of these little animals we call our pets.

I ask you to please assist them in their diligent fight against animal abuse/neglect when it comes to Sugar Gliders and help them by enforcing higher standards and requirements to own these exotic animals.




Peggy Brewer

Critter Love

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To Whom it May Concern, 


My name is Linda Sardou.  I have been a Sugar Glider owner for over 6 years.  I have been actively involved in the Glider Community assisting new owners with various questions about their Sugar Gliders dealing with health and diet related issues.


I have had the pleasure of working with Casper and Liezl  over  the past year.  I am totally impressed with the depth of love and compassion that these two individuals hold towards these special animals.  They have been and are continuously willing to learn and establish proper procedures towards the care and wellbeing of Sugar Gliders.


They are currently active on several Sugar Glider Help Sites, and are always willing to assist owners who are dealing with various issues.  In addition, they also have worked hard towards establishing a Sugar Glider Web Site,  which has been formatted exceptionally well, with an abundance of helpful information to help owners in their Country.


I highly recommend both Casper and Liezl to anyone who is involved with Sugar Gliders.






Linda Sardou



Mill Breeder Project & Sugar Glider Veterinarian Assistance Program



August 18, 2011


To Whom it may concern,

I am writing to tell you of the many fine qualities of Casper and Liezl Swanepoel, whom I have known for over a year now in various capacities on Glider Central.   

I have had the chance to get to know Casper and Liezl, and I say without a doubt that you are dealing with two people of very good moral character.  Casper and Liezl operate with integrity and compassion that you do not see every day. They are also hard working and dedicated to the rescue work they do for sugar gliders.  They leave no sugar glider behind, no matter how ill, how old, or how lonely.  They are a great asset to the glider community and are held in high regard for their knowledge of this awesome species.  They have helped me personally via the internet to take care of my own gliders.  They have no boundaries to their love and devotion for their cause.

On a personal level, may I just say that I feel these are two of the most dedicated and caring individuals I have come across in a long time.  I have no doubts about Casper and Liezl's abilities to succeed in anything they put their hearts and souls into.

Thank you.


Colleen E. Smatko

Please allow met tell you a bit about what Liezl and Casper mean to all the Sugar Gliders here in South Africa


On the 5th of August 2011 I received a call from Liezl informing me about a neglected Sugar Glider that urgently needs to be rescued.  The previous owner bought him in a pet shop because he felt sorry for him.  This glider, from now on referred to as Sid, was lying on the bottom of the cage, curled up in a little ball, trying to maintain some body heat, as there were no blankets of nest box for him to take shelter in for the day.


Without knowing what this boy was getting himself into, he “saved” Sid from the pet shop.  But, this boy had no idea how to care for a Sugar Glider, and fed him peanuts and sunflower seeds.  Sugar Gliders have a very specific diet, and peanuts and sunflower seeds, does not make out their diet.


So this boy was too busy having fun and partying, that he just left Sid in his cage, day and night not giving him any attention what so ever.  So he decided to give Sid to his mother because he doesn’t have the time to look after anymore.


The lady phoned Liezl and told her that she has this “thing” in her house, and she has no idea how to take care of it, Liezl must come and get it.  Liezl and Casper acted quickly and started to phone around to see if there is someone who can bring Sid through to Pretoria for us, the we would go and get him there.  Lucky enough they found someone who was coming from that direction to Pretoria on Saturday the 6th.  Liezl phoned me and told me to be ready at 11am, we are going to Pretoria to get Sid.


I met Liezl at her house, she offered to use her own vehicle.  She was standing ready with a Sugar Glider emergency kit, because you never know what you might encounter with a rescue, a blanket, a travel cage and a cooler box with clean water and some food for Sid.


We got to the house in Pretoria where we had to pick up Sid, is was around 4pm.  The man who brought Sid through, told us that we must see if the “thing” is still alive because they stopped halfway to eat and left him in the car, just opened the windows a bit and he can’t hear anything moving inside, actually he doesn’t even know what is inside the box.  In the back seat of his vehicle was a box with holes on each side, and taped closed at the top.  We took the box inside the house to see the condition of Sid.  Liezl was very worried when we opened the box and did not hear anything.  According to the lady who phoned and asked Liezl to come and get Sid, he was so aggressive that you couldn’t come close to him.  He bites and doesn’t allow anything near him.

What we found in that box, was the complete opposite of what that lady told us.  No movement, no aggression, nothing.  We were both thinking the worse.  On the corner of the box, was a little wooden box, that’s where Sid was in.  It was so hot inside that box, probably from standing in the sun while that guy was eating.  We opened the little wooden box and found Sid inside.  The look in his eyes is something that I would never forget.  They were droopy and sad, as if what ever we are about to do, can not possibly be worse that what he already had to endure. 


Liezl immediately did a hydration test, and with no surprise Sid was completely dehydrated.  She gave him some water, but he just tried to hide his face.  She took some yoghurt and pulled it up in a syringe and held it by his mouth.  At first he didn’t want to take it, but as soon as he tasted some of it he couldn’t get enough.  His nails were so long, they started to curl around, almost growing into his little toes.  He had a wound under his chin, looked like a laceration.  And to top it all off he had penis prolapsed.  His fur was yellow because of all the wrong food he was getting.  Liezl took KY jelly from her emergency kit and put it on Sid’s penis.  She also had Bactroban in there, which she put on the wound.


I sat there, just watching Liezl.  She knew exactly what to do and with the knowledge she had, she probably saved Sid’s life.  She phoned Casper and asked him to immediately phone the Veterinarian at Onderstepoort to ask them if we could bring Sid to them.  They said yes and we left there and took Sid to Onderstepoort.


The Vet looked at Sid, but she was shocked to see the condition he was in.  She had to put him under local anesthesia, just so that Sid could not injure himself while the Vet cut his nails.  We took the long drive back to Lephalale, where Liezl and I live.  We arrived here at about 10pm. 


I was the one who was going to adopt Sid, but it came a such a surprise, I didn’t have a cage or anything for him, I ordered one a few weeks ago, but it would only get here in September.  Casper and Liezl gave me one of their cages, until mine gets here.  She also gave me pouch where Sid could sleep in, some food, specially made for Sugar Gliders, HPW Complete, which they import from the States.  They told me that I can phone them, day or night, if something goes wrong.  As Liezl was saying that, Sid had a ceaser because of the dehydration.  They knew exactly what to do.  They took a straw filled with honey, also imported from the states, and held it to his mouth.  He licked it and the ceaser stopped.  We all got such a fright, but once again, with the knowledge they had, the acted quickly and everything was okay. 


I took Sid home, and tucked him in for the night.  Made some of the HPW Complete and put it in for him, not long after that started eating it, all of it.  Another sign that his body seriously needed those nutrients.  After the dust has settled and Sid seemed to be doing well, Liezl and I took a sample of Sid’s feces to our local Vet, just to check if it is clean and free of any illnesses.  It was!!  Casper and Liezl are still very helpful when it comes to giving advice about food, enrichment, and are always ready to answer any questions.


Casper and Liezl are a non-profitable rescue for Sugar Gliders in South Africa.  The encourage people not to buy from pet shops and so called breeders.  Instead, they send these people an adoption form.  Thy have specific requirement about what the cage should be like, the height, the spacing between the bars, the kind of toys you can use which are safe.  Anything possible to make a Sugar Glider’s life is as comfortable as possible.


They are the only two people in South Africa who are fighting for the rights of Sugar Gliders, but as long as there are pet shops selling he illegally and Mill Breeders breeding them in unhealthy environments, their efforts are useless.  If we can stop these people, Sugar Gliders in South Africa would not have tragic endings like Sid almost had.


I am happy to report that Sid is doing better and better as each day goes by.  And he is getting stronger, thanks to the new food he is getting.  Thanks to Liezl and Casper and their dedication to saving Sugar Gliders and giving them second chance in life, Sid found a new home.  He literally stared death in the eyes, but now, he is safe.  I wish that all Sugar Gliders in South Africa can have a happy life, the only way that will ever happen is if there are stricter rules concerning owning a Sugar Glider, selling them and hopefully completely putting an end to breeding with them.  Sugar Gliders are not a get rich quick scheme, but they are animals with rights, just like humans have rights.  They have the right to a happy life, and living conditions.


I sincerely hope that one day Sugar Gliders will be treated with the respect they deserve, and that the law would be on their side for once, so that the people who disobey those laws can be punished.





I write this letter to extend my gratitude and sincere thanks to Casper and Liezl Swannepoel who are amazing people and who definitely make this world a better place, especially when it comes to animals and even more so, Sugar Gliders.

When I got my second glider, she was only ten days out of pouch and needed to be hand raised.  Thankfully, I found their details on their website on the internet.  It was such a huge relief as they were the only people in South Africa who had a website for Sugar Gliders.  Had I not come across their website, little Charlotte would not be alive today.

From my first phone call to them in January this year, until now, my admiration and respect grows for them daily.  Their absolute dedication and commitment to the wellbeing of Sugar Gliders in South Africa as well as abroad is truly commendable.

They are exceptionally knowledgeable about Sugar Gliders and constantly continue with their research.  Their website is updated on a regular basis and they have recently started their own forum in South Africa for the wellbeing of Sugar Gliders.  Extremely helpful and practical information is available on both their website and forum and their doors are always open and their phones always on twenty four hours per day.  Not many people have that level of commitment…….

They have helped me profoundly with all four of my gliders – from nutrition information to medical information, to information relating to all Sugar Glider issues.  Nothing is ever too much for them and they are ALWAYS willing to help.

They have an awesome rescue program and will only re-home gliders to suitable homes after strict and intense consideration and potential new owners are required to fill in a number of forms as well as an adoption form.  This process enables them to select only suitable candidates.

They especially import a very specialised diet from the USA created specifically for Sugar Gliders.

Casper and Liezl have been trying for a very long time to implement strict controls and measures for those who wish to own Sugar Gliders - such as a permit/license, and a measurable criteria that people have to fill such as living environment, cage size and diet etc.

So far they have been unable to do this, so I appeal to you, for the love and adoration of Sugar Gliders to please work with them and to make it possible for this to happen.

Sugar Gliders are exotic animals and require very special care.  They should not be allowed to be sold in pet shops or mass bred.  These incredible animals have rights and we as humans should have the power to make sure that these rights are met, that their environment is conducive to their well-being and that they are cared for properly.

Let us stand together and do what is right.  Let us make it possible for this to happen.  Let us make a difference, not just a little one, a PROFOUND one, let us make it really count…….

You are welcome to contact me for a reference as Casper and Liezl have become very dear friends of mine and I will stand testament to their integrity, passion, dedication and commitment to Sugar Gliders.  They have inspired me tremendously to a point where I asked if I could work with them, learn from them and be a part of their team.  They are the type of people (animal lovers and dedicated to the well-being of animals) that one would choose to surround themselves with.  The world would certainly be a better place if there were more people like Casper and Liezl.

In closing, they really need your help to effectively help Sugar Gliders in South Africa and you have the authority to do so.  Please, extend this help to them, do what is naturally right, make it count.

Yours sincerely and passionately

Samantha Griffin


To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter on behalf of Casper and Liezl Swanepoel, they are glider angels in South Africa. They are both very educational when it comes to sugar gliders. I know of atleast 7+ gliders that they have rescued due to the neglect of people bringing gliders into South Africa and not taking care of them. These little ones are so helpless and fragile and they need the best people to take care of them and love them and that is Casper and Liezl. Your country is definitely lucky to have 2 of the best glider owners/rescues. I, myself, own 5 sugar gliders over here in the US and I am a part of a glider community online for support which Liezl and Casper are moderators for the board and they are always there to help when a situation arises. You would be very smart to listen to what they have to say about the neglect and disregard for gliders that is going on there. If you have any further questions from me please do not hesitate to contact me via email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. My name is Devona Burgess. Thank you in advance, and please I ask you from the bottom of my heart and soul give these 2 a chance to prove to you that they are experts when it comes to sugar gliders. They have an emergency vet and everything these gliders could possibly need, but most of all they have big hearts and lots of love to share. The point is, hopefully, in the near future you will see fit to make it illegal for people to import sugar gliders, especially mill breeders who have no concern for the animal other than the money.
Thank you,

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to endorse the work of Casper and Liezl Swanepoel and their Glider Rescue.  South Africa is very lucky to have  individuals as dedicated  and knowledgeable as Casper and Liezl.  Sugar Gliders in captivity are gaining in popularity throughout the world and there are few people that equal the Swanpoels devotion and commitment to sugar glider husbandry education.  They have been a constant and positive force in the Glider community for many years, and in a community where few are considered experts, Casper and Liezl most certainly deserve the title.

The Swanpoel's sole agenda is for the good of the glider and have gone to great lengths on many occasions out of selfish devotion to aide these tiny, gentle creatures which so desperately need advocates such as Casper and Liezl.


Kevin Fiest, RN

732 Brandon Avenue SW

Roanoke, VA 24015


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to ask you to cooperate with and assist Casper and Liezl Swanepoel as much as you possible can.

Sugar Gliders are amazing animals.  While I believe that all of God’s creatures are deserving of respect, sugar gliders hold a special place in my heart.  Perhaps it is their small size, and then when you realize the depth of personality they possess, they become truly amazing in my eyes. 

That small size and depth of personality is just why they need special attention.  With such a small animal, it is easy for humans to over look them and their needs.  Or erroneously compare them to a “lesser” life form.  With such a depth of personality and range of emotions, it is easy for them to become stressed under adverse conditions.  However, when given proper care and attention, they flourish and are unlike any other animal I have shared my life with.  They truly become members of the family.

Casper and Liezl are doing the Creator and the sugar gliders a tremendous service by sacrificing their own resources to help these amazing animals.  Since they are “Moderators” on one of the largest sugar glider forums on the internet today, they have positively influenced and helped fellow sugar gliders owners, as well as the sugar gliders themselves, the world over. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Jill Marie Chambers
Bosom Buddy Creations
New Jersey, USA
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To Whom it may concern,


“My name is Boo, I’m one of 6 sugar gliders in the Ross family.   If it wasn’t for 2 very special people, Liezl and Casper, I would not be alive today.  They rushed to a vet where I was taken by my previous owner, who did not care for me as he should have.  I arrived at the vet, in a very poor state!  After surgery, at 11h45 on the 15th of October 2013, my new mom and dad collected me from Liezl. It was late and we all tired but still, Liezl packed up and came home with us.  She sat up right through the  night with my new mom,  to make sure I make it through the night. Thank you for saving me!”



Liezl and Casper, you are 2 amazing people, you have changed our lives to such an extent that we can’t imagine  living without our sugar gliders.  Both your  natural instinct towards gliders, your knowledge and experience is so valuable, that no sugar glider owner can do without.  I know you both as people with compassion and dedication, you never show a glider away, you educate to those that listen, if the world had more Liezl’s and Casper’s it would be a much better place.  Thank you for educating me, and I will continue to learn from you, you made me a better owner and person.


Thank You for all you have done for me and all my gliders.  I proud myself to be part of your Glider Community!


Annelie Ross


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